Consulting Services

Portals’ consulting experience spans the private sector, several US state and local government agencies, and US Federal agencies, including civilian and military sectors. Our consulting engagements range from program management over high visibility programs worth over a hundred million dollars, to a broad range of management consulting and technical consulting services.

Whatever service we provide, our core values are at the fore front of our minds motivating and spurring us to constantly provide value to our clients and a long-term sustainable relationship.

Our competencies include:

  • Management Consulting and Business Advisory Services, including: Business Development Support, Program Management and Execution Support, Acquisition and Program Support
  • Strategic Planning Support and Business Strategy
  • Market Research and Intelligence
  • Research and Analysis, including Statistical Analysis and Econometrics
  • International Trade Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Human Resources Consulting, including: Leadership development, Curriculum development, Change Management support, Recruitment and Staffing support, and Performance Management
  • IT Services:
    • Business Tools: Databases, Applications, Websites, Social Media Support, Cloud Computing
    • Project Management Tools: Implementation of Project Controls, Scheduling & Budgeting software, Software Implementation for Change Management, IT Program Management, Implementing software upgrades
    • Innovative Technology Research & Implementation.