Capital Mobilization

Portals works with entrepreneurs, governments, and executives to convert ideas into bankable opportunities attractive to investors and international partners. We can quickly develop a pipeline of opportunities that can be bankable today, or monitored and supported through programs to nurture them to the point where they can be bankable in the near future.

We also support the capital raising process by identifying pools of private capital that are actively looking to invest alongside reputable institutions.  Through our global network we can identify potential limited partners both in the markets where funds are to be deployed, and from international sources that have the appetite to invest in the markets we are focused on.

Portals acts as an owners’ representative managing international business transactions and projects for our clients, usually involving increasing export and international trade engagements.

Our competencies include:

  • Preparation of Projects and Companies for Investment Readiness
  • Investment Facilitation Advisory Services
  • Capital raise: Debt, Mezzanine, Export and Project Finance
  • Preparation of Complex Financial Models and Cost Estimates
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Development of Investment Memorandums
  • Project Finance
  • Export Finance Facilitation
  • Acquisition Support
  • Pipeline Generation
  • Conduct Initial Due Diligence & Risk Mitigation
  • Management of Specific Funds
  • Nurture portfolio companies by providing capacity building efforts and offering integrated consulting services