Capacity Building

Portals Global provides capacity building services for multi-lateral entities, private corporations and government agencies operations locally and overseas, particularly those entities actively involved in global business and international development initiatives.

In our capacity-building work, we emphasize: responding to needs and nuances specific to each context through a customized approach, using data from evaluations and assessments to inform program and performance improvement, and adopting a holistic development approach involving action learning plans and coaching where applicable.

Our capacity building initiatives range from ‘customized’ to ‘off-the-shelf’ programs for executives and other team members with onsite visits to targeted stakeholders worldwide.

We partner with award-wining business schools, schools of foreign service, engineering schools, US defense contractors, and a network of non-profit institutions with reach into over 100 countries to bring specialized capabilities and relational networks when needed. We also foster strategic partnerships to increase capacity and relevance in new markets.

Our competencies include:

  • Design and Implementation of customized international business programs for leaders, executives, and institutions for multiple sectors and focus areas
  • Leadership assessment and coaching
  • Curriculum development: Web-based or onsite;
  • Stakeholder engagement facilitation & strategic global business facilitation
  • Global Stakeholder Engagements and Events
  • Sector-specific capacity building
  • Business/ Trade Missions and Reverse Business/Trade Mission Support
  • Industry Days targeting specific suppliers or potential customers
  • Training on international standards of doing business in the US and elsewhere
  • Strategic training and support services to expand global relevance and footprint
  • Performance Management: Human Resource evaluation and development