Belize – Capacity Building Initiatives

Economic Growth & National Development

We are part of a consortium of organizations focused on capacity development in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. Our activities over the year have ranged from youth development to law enforcement and government leadership development training.

In April 2017, our Team worked with regional ICT groups in the Caribbean and a consortium of subject matter experts from USA and Europe to successfully deliver a Multi – Agency National Cyber Security Capacity Building Symposium in Belize.

Our Symposium involved senior leadership from the nation’s executive branch, Central Bank Homeland Affairs (Homeland Security), the Judiciary, the ICT Sector, all branches of Law Enforcement and various civil society groups and other stake holders.

The event was a massive cohesive and collaborative stake holder event between local, regional and international experts aimed at producing a comprehensive cyber security framework for the nation.

The impact of this first of a kind initiative in the region is continuously being felt even beyond the shores of Belize. As a model for timely intervention and ongoing successful comprehensive approach to mitigating potentially widespread attacks and averting national and social crisis.