Capacity Building

We provide human capital and institutional capacity development services to large and small organizations. Through targeted workshops, seminars, conferences, or customized programs, we aim to provide relevant immediate solutions for short and long term results

Capital Mobilization

We work with entrepreneurs, established companies and governments to convert ideas into bankable opportunities attractive to investors. Our ‘pre-development’ work upgrades project concepts through technical and economic feasibilities, financial modeling and engaging strategic partnerships.

Consulting Services

We are ‘Owner’s Representatives’ at heart with experience spanning the commercial nonprofit and government sectors. Our consulting services focus on providing strategic planning and execution support utilizing program management and strategic business operations expertise.

Our Core Values

Our core values and principles form the foundation of all that we do. They are the heart of our organizational culture.

  • Ethical Standards: We relentlessly pursue the highest professional and ethical standards in all we do.
  • Human Development: Our work must have a positive developmental impact on people: our employees, partners, affiliates, clients & society.
  • Partnership: We aim to be in sync with our clients, in the spirit of true partnership, service, and representation.
  • Evidence of Purpose: We only take on projects we deem as ‘purposeful’.
  • Sustainable Approach: Our goal is to provide complete and meaningful solutions.
  • Value: We seek to constantly bring value to our clients.

Feedback from Clients & Industry Leaders

This impressive donation by Portals Global is a testament to the collaborative spirit between business, government, and nonprofits for the benefit of our front-line workers and residents. Omo Igiehon and his team exemplify the impact business is having in the community during this challenging time.

Marianne Alicona Director of Development at Volunteer Fairfax

This commitment is a great example of how businesses can make an impact on the front lines during COVID-19.

Victor Hoskins President and CEO/FCEDA - Fairfax County Economic Development Agency

In Portals, Omo has built a robust network of capable and diligent professionals who can serve a part of the
corporate finance market in a way few others can.

Hubertus Van Der Vaart Founder & Chairman - SEAF Private Equity

Omo is a great team leader and provided excellent direction and was able to bring together a world class team on the Belize project.

Michael Levin Center for Information Security Awareness - CFISA

Portals LLC’s  difference is in its collaboration to deliver wise insightful strategy, solutions and resources that optimize opportunity capture in a cascading dynamic global environment

Robert Warner Managing Director - Wings Inc, Antigua and Barbuda

On more than one occasion, I’ve had the privilege of working with Portals. The integrity, care for clients, respect for partners and dedication to the task at hand is both refreshing and admirable. We love working with this excellent team!

Chad Gallagher Founder -Legacy Consulting & Fmr Mayor of Dequeen Arkansas

Portals Team has always demonstrated professionalism, integrity and a sense of care

Reginald O. Vigilant Chief Operating Officer - Omni Systems

Working with the Portals team was a great experience and I valued working on the mission of helping the people of Belize to better deal with cyber-crime.

Michael Levin CEO & Founder Center for Information Security Awareness - CFISA

Event Feedback: At the end of the discussions, I wrote down in my notes – Realism! I was impressed with the transparency during the discussions, we are quite enthusiastic and impressed with the manner of the discussions and the topics that were addressed, very good.

Henk Cornege Royal IHC of Rotterdam

Event Feedback: Thanks to you for a job well done, we encourage you to do more our embassy is ready to support you.

Dayo Olu Falowo Counsel General – Nigerian Embassy in Atlanta

Event Feedback: I thought the roundtable was very well organized, I learned a great deal in terms of policies the development board is taking.

John Nghiem Industry Capital Private Equity

Event Feedback: I am amazed and impressed from the caliber and diversity of the executives that are here from learning and development, from entrepreneurs, from established businesses, all the way to US Congress I am deeply impressed by the caliber of the speakers here. 

Patrick Lynch Thunderbird Business School

Event Feedback: It’s great for me to be able to go to Houston and see everyone I usually see in Lagos or Abuja, great job for you guys to make sure everyone was here. I have to admit it made my life easier to see some of my existing clients and future clients in the same room. With your help we want to give realism and a very clear idea of what companies need to attract capital.

Olivier Mussat Head of Oil & Gas Investment, IFC

In October 2014 Portals LLC was designated as a formal representative of the Nigerian National Assembly to the US Congress for Capacity-building initiatives.

Nigerian Institute for Legislative Studies Nigerian National Assembly

Portals is the only consulting company that has successful results working with Georgetown for Africa Executive Programs.

Nancy Beer-Tobin Assistant Dean, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Our Consortium was awarded a US Congressional Award for successfully bringing relevant entities together.

Sheila Jackson US Congresswoman

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