Graham King

Graham is a professional engineer with two decades of experience in the automotive industry and as a university lecturer in management and control systems.  He is also an executive director of a global non-profit leadership organization where he oversees leadership development initiatives in 6 continents.

He has extensive experience delivering lectures and strategic consulting services and capacity building for global leaders. He advises Caribbean leaders on the implementation of innovative technological solutions in the region and fosters dialogue between academia, business, and government stakeholders.

  • Expertise
    • Engineering & Technology Advisory, Innovation Systems
  • Roles
    • Strategic Consulting, Capacity Building, Global Logistics
  • Education
    • Engineering Doctorate and Master of Science in Engineering Management
    • Integrated Masters and Directed Interdisciplinary Studies in Automotive Engineering
  • Alumnus/Contexts
    • Warwick University, Loughborough University, Jaguar Land Rover, Warwick Manufacturing Group, The University of the West Indies.