About Us

Portals Global is a development-focused, interdisciplinary, global consulting firm.

We work alongside multi-sector institutions, international development non-profits, private corporations, government agencies and donors to execute their missions, aspirations, and objectives by distilling them into practical actionable goals and providing execution capacity and support in the US and overseas.

We focus on three complimentary areas (our Three C’s):

  1. Capacity Building – Governance, Organizational Capacity, Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Capital Mobilization – Institutional, Private Sector, Export-Import Finance
  3. Consulting Support – Management Consulting, Financial Advisory, Technical assistance

Our Core Team

  • Our core team of experts has worked successfully over the last 20 years leveraging our creative strength to provide innovative solutions.
  • Our core team comprises a global network of professionals with extensive US and international experience and with specialized degrees from top international universities. We are very passionate about effective and productive strategic engagement within the emerging market and are able leverage our relational strength and culturally nuanced understanding of both the US and emerging market contexts to provide opportunities for strategic and productive interface between U.S. and foreign businesses and institutions.
  • Our collaborative and partnership-oriented approach gives us more meaningful engagements with our clients, deeper reach into different regions, and expanded capacity to support them.

Our Narrative

  • Bringing Value through Insight: In our rapidly changing global and national contexts, we seek to be an urgent source of insight that enables leaders to provide clear directions that can be captured and executed seamlessly by a collaborative work force.
  • Leadership: We seek to provide leadership by accurately interpreting the barrage of information and opinions that inundate us so as to help organizations and governments skilfully navigate their way forward to a stable future. Our current global context presents new opportunities for leading much needed change in organizations, including new organizations that are emerging on the global scene from unexpected regions.
  • Experience + Diversity + Core Values:
    • Our core team has over a century of combined professional experience with ninety percent possessing advanced degrees and pertinent professional certifications.
    • However, what is more exciting and valuable to us is the one hundred percent commitment to our core values and operating philosophies which keeps us on course and make us stable and predictable to our clients and partners!
    • The confluence of our diverse backgrounds and experiences, work ethic, and our posture of determination to avoid all ‘status quo’ consulting pitfalls enable us to be of true value to our customers and a cut above many others providing the same services.
  • Partnership: We seek partnership opportunities with progressive organizations and agencies to ensure we are both positioned correctly to grow in symbiotic synergy as we journey towards our relevant future.
  • Being Relevant, Accessible, and Authentic: No matter how big we get, we will remain locally relevant and accessible to you. We are committed to maintaining our simple relational interface and keeping our back-room complexities, sophistication and ‘global mass’ out of the way of our authentic relationship.

Our Name


Access, Audit, Admission, Approach, Door, Doorway, Entry, Gate, Gateway, Ingress, Inlet, Introduction

The Portals Dynamic: Exponential Results through Effective Partnership!

  • Each unit of Portals (individual or corporate) is a “portal” to a world of resources, unique experiences, and perspectives. Our collaborative approach yields exponential results which we term the “Portals Dynamic”.
  • Our core competency is authentic collaboration to enable effective program execution.
  • Our core team of experts has worked successfully to leverage our creative strength to provide innovative solutions together for over a decade.
  • We leverage our global access and connectivity with high caliber professionals as our “reach back” advantage. We open the right doors.

Eureka Moments!

We aim to discover these in every project – big or small. We enable a perfect confluence of talent that leads to impact and lasting solutions.

Core Values

Our core values and principles form the foundation of all that we do. They are the heart of our organizational culture.

  • Ethical Standards: We relentlessly pursue the highest professional and ethical standards in all we do.
  • Human Development:  Our work must have a positive and demonstrable impact on our stakeholders (employees and clients) and society at large.
  • Partnership: We aim to be in sync with our clients, in the spirit of true partnership, service, and representation.
  • Evidence of Purpose: We only take on projects we deem as ‘purposeful’.
  • Sustainable Approach: Our goal is to provide complete solutions.
  • Value: We seek to constantly bring authentic value to our clients.

Our Clients

Our clients are institutions focused on cross border regional and global business transactions for the purpose of economic growth through strategic investment partnerships and national development.

  • Government Sector
    •  Embassies & Foreign Facing Agencies
  • Private Sector
    • Institutions with Global Reach
    • Small and Medium Enterprises seeking export opportunities

Our Strategic Partners

Through strategic partnerships we offer exponential results, utilizing global best practices in local contexts, applying an understanding of cultural nuances and results-oriented approaches.

Our Strategic Partners are institutions and individuals focused on global business and international development, such as:

  • Business Schools
  • Non-Profits
  • Investment Advisors
  • International Trade Experts
  • Law Firms
  • PE Funds
  • Architecture & Engineering Firms
  • IT firms